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Opening Haiti for true business Joseph2





Joseph 2


Politics is a tough business, many go in with the intensions of doing good but are veered in many directions due to special interest needs and so you give a little to get a little and hope in the end youve done more good then bad. Going in as the new guy you are innundated with the burdens of your predecessors and the veterans have already put into action what your first 2 years will look like before you have any idea what they are to be. Your saving grace will be your staff and administration who if chosen correctly have the necessary knowledge to steer you clear of road blocks and focus on the tasks at hand.

After working in US politics on the House side, I understand more then most what it takes to get things done. I helped draft the $6 Billion Dollar Everglades Restoration legislation, followed it thru Senate and House side garnering support from Senators, Members of Congress and seen it thru to implimentation and seen the rewards of the many years of work. I have seen first hand the divisiveness, coercion, and effforts those with means can wield. It is a delicate game and the US has mastered the game to the point where not only are you playing the game but they make, change, and call the game, played with their ball on their field.


While I was bringing about change within my home State of Florida my resources and experience was desperately needed in my home country of Haiti. Everyone has heard the statistics of Haiti and know of the desperation that exists. So I left politics to start Joseph2 and figure out a way for Haiti to stabilize and start a consistent growth that would lead the country out of the shadows of destitution and build solid consistent foundation with which to build infrastructure and commerce. But where do you start?

Unlike the US where everyone and everything is taxed and there is a checks and balance system in place, Haiti does not have such a system with which to bring much needed monies to help build. The poor dont have means, the rich dont want to carry the burden of supporting the poor and so there is deadlock. There is no system or employees knowledgable to implement and enforce a tax system that works and so a new system needs to be developed. One that doesnt burden the top 1% and bring about change.


A far better administration then the past, this new administration came into light at the worst time in Haitian history but had the most resources with which to implement true change. But what seems to be lacking here is knowledge, knowledge of politics, foreign and domestic. The old senate wants things to stay the way they understand and the rest of the world wants to see them bring about stability before coming to invest. Unfortunately for this administration they are short handed, devoid of the thousands of educated knowledgable staff needed to oversea such a massive restructuring, and so unless the talent pool fills with intelligent staffers with ideas and a way to implement them, they will swallow all the bait dangled by big companies looking to cash in and make a buck and bring it all home.

Most importantly the biggest carrot of all, Haitis $20 Billion dollars of Gold and almost $40 Billion of Oil. Haiti cannot afford to let that happen. So we launched a brain trust to learn all there is about mining and drilling from a Governmental viewpoint, Hedge Fund and Investment angle and that of the Mining and Drilling companies .